America in Miniature is Coming Soon

In late June 2017, production went underway for my debut film project America in Miniature. The short documentary film in part follows the history of one of the country’s most remarkable roadside attractions, a 7,450 square foot miniature world created by a single man called Roadside America.

The attraction was completed with the passing of its sole creator in 1963, but the exhibit has stood in the same location in Shartlesville, PA along I-78 since 1953. The vast miniature landscape envelopes over 200 years of American history, but for many it is a reminder of simpler times. For many who visit and work at the roadside attraction, it represents a time capsule of what America used to be and a way of life we have strayed away from as a nation.

The film is currently in post production and I am very proud of the way the project is turning out so far. With any luck, the film will be completed by the end of the month and I’ll be able to begin releasing promotional content as well as sending the film to various local film festivals. Stay tuned for more information about my debut film project, America in Miniature.

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